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Designed to transform your customers into your most cost-effective revenue driver with custom rewards + referral programs.

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How it works

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When a new customer purchases from your store, a unique link is generated for them instantly, and displayed natively on the order confirmation page.

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Post purchase, customers now have the ability to share their link with a simple click. The more they share, the more they earn.

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When customers use the shared link to make a purchase, the referring customer earns cash rewards they’ll actually use.

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repeat the process


The process continues as referred customers become new purchasers, receiving their own unique links to share, thereby creating a cycle of sharing, earning, and repeating.

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Merchant success story

In 2 weeks time, The Rave turned 500+ Mindhoney shoppers into paid ambassadors resulting in:


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Conversion Rate
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Reasons to Rave

Instant cash / product rewards

We offer instant cash + product rewards post purchase. Forget point systems. Give your customers what they really want.

Every Purchase is Shareable

Custom widgets and touch points are strategically integrated into the customer journey.

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  • 2 Reward Program
  • Risk-free integration
  • Automated Payouts
  • Advanced fraud management
  • Custom Branding

Rave Plus

per month + 1% commission
no hidden fees
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  • Everything in Growth +
  • Unlimited rewards programs
  • Unlimited sign-up links
  • Free gifts as incentives
  • Custom referral codes
  • Dedicated account manager
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Full Service

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  • UGC Production Service (5 videos monthly)
  • Testing and Optimising Service
  • Custom email build-out
  • Influencer discovery and management
  • Custom integrations
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